A newbies’ guide to understanding football betting

Date: 24th February 2022 at 1:24pm
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Football has become one of the best and most popular sports to bet on worldwide.

As the volume of matches increases, the industry grows and allows punters to bet in several markets.

However, fans and novice bettors must know all the characteristics of football betting to avoid bad experiences.

For that reason, we bring you this newbies’ guide to understanding football betting. This article tells you all you need to know to start winning with your favorite sport.

How the bets work.

Bookmakers set odds that represent the ratio between the bet and the winnings according to a specific result when someone bets on it. Usually, that ratio is displayed as a fraction (2/1) or as decimals (2.00).

The fractions and decimals show what the bettor can win depending on the event’s outcome. For example, if the result has odds of 2/1 or 2.00 and you bet in dollars, you could win $2 for every $1 you bet when your prediction wins.

In the case of football, since the market is enormous and there are hundreds of games available, bookmakers offer a wide variety of odds and special offers. Most casinos and gambling houses give prices on match results or events within a match, including goals scored, red cards, individual goalscorers, corners earned, and more.

After the event’s outcome is confirmed, you will be paid your original bet plus odds winnings if your bet is a winner.

Types of bets that you should know.

There are different types of bets, and you should know each one if you want to bet more wisely.

  • Match Bet: It is the simplest form of betting and allows bettors to choose a football match’s result in three different outcomes.
  • Bet builder or same game multi: These bets are considered as an accumulator of results in a single match instead of several matches.
  • Player props or player statistics: It allows bettors to bet on players (by a certain number of shots, tackles, or offsides) or on matches (free throws, throw-ins, or goal kicks).
  • Asian handicap bet: With this type of bet, people can bet on a selection with a “handicap” to overcome, but the possibility of a draw is eliminated.
  • European handicap bet: It is similar to the Asian handicap but allows the draw as a betting option.
  • Half time or full time: It allows bettors to bet on the first half or second half result.
  • Double chance: They are bets that allow people to bet on two of the match’s three results to increase the odds of winning.
  • Accumulators: These are bets that combine multiple selections in a single chance. It’s one of the most popular bet types for soccer.
  • Goalscorer Bets: This is a bet on a particular player to score a goal in a match.
  • Correct score, Scorecast, or Wincast: Bets to predict the final score of a match.
  • Over and Under Bets: They allow bettors to bet on the total number of times something will happen in the match, be it goals, corner kicks, or yellow cards.
  • Draw No Bet: Bettors bet on the match result but can get their bet back if it ends in a draw.

Final thoughts.

Understanding how betting works is essential to join the football betting universe as the whole world does and win according to your favorite team’s performance.

Although there is much more to know about it, understanding each type of bet is the first step for newbies who want to bet without risk. Choosing the most suitable one depends on each player, but this information can help you have the basic notions to get started. Football Australia is a safe betting place for newbies. Good luck!

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