Mourinho to Roma players: You have no balls, go play in Serie C

Date: 11th February 2022 at 3:18pm
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Roma coach Jose Mourinho reportedly launched a scathing tirade on his Giallorossi squad after they suffered a 2-0 defeat to Inter in the Coppa Italia quarter-finals on Tuesday evening.

The 59-year-old criticized the squad in the locker room after game, and he focused on their poor performances in recent years, then went as far as to question their masculinity.

“I want to know why, playing face to face with Inter in the first 10 minutes, you s**t yourselves,” Mourinho said as reported by Il Corriere dello Sport.

“And then I want to know why you did also it against AC Milan. Everyone, no one excluded.

“I want to know why for two years you have shown yourselves small with the big ones. If we are small, the referees treat us as small. They treat Roma as children.

“A man’s biggest flaw is a lack of balls, a lack of personality. Afraid of games like this? Then go and play in Serie C where you will never find teams with champions, top stadiums, the pressures of elite football. You are people without balls. That is the worst thing for a man.”


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