Fagioli laments Italian football’s treatment of young players

Date: 29th March 2022 at 7:00pm
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Italy Under-21 midfielder Nicolo Fagioli has said that young players in Italy play less than their European counterparts and get criticised too easily.

The Juventus-owned midfielder is currently on loan at Serie B club Cremonese, and he also pointed out that this a problem for all professional football in Italy, not just in Serie A specifically.

“I see that in Spain, perhaps a little less in England, but also in Germany and France, young people play more than in Italy,” Fagioli said in his press conference.

“Surely here with us, when a young player plays and then maybe has a bad match or two in the top clubs, the player is immediately criticised.

“[Azzurrini coach Paolo] Nicolato is not entirely wrong in saying that in the main championships in Italy it is difficult to trust young people, because we too feel it and see it.

“We hope that things will change over time, I hope so.”


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