Sacchi: Italy losing to North Macedonia is like Serie A clubs failing in Europe

Date: 29th March 2022 at 10:59am
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Arrigo Sacchi has compared Italy’s World Cup play-off defeat to North Macedonia to the failures of Italian clubs in European competitions since Inter won the Champions League in 2010.

The former AC Milan and Azzurri coach also claimed that the national team winning the Euro 2020 was exceptional but it is not a reflection of Italian football today.

“What happened in Palermo against Macedonia has been happening with club teams for twelve years,” Sacchi told La Gazzetta dello Sport.

“We have not won anything in Europe since 2010, after the Champions League of Mourinho’s Inter.

“The national team at the Euros was a wonderful exception to which we must all be grateful because it gave us a trophy won with merit and beautiful football. But it was an exception, in fact, and certainly not a rule.

“We continue to buy foreigners for our clubs, and the youth sectors are also full of young people who come from abroad: are we sure that this is the right path or, instead, isn’t this the real problem?”


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