Top 5 Expensive Football Players Of 2022

Date: 7th March 2022 at 3:35pm
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Footballers have always been powerful fan followers. And multiple reasons are working behind this. As we know, human life should never be judged over money. But for the footballers, the scenarios are entirely different. But the footballer’s prices and values determine the perfection level of a player. And the most crucial factor is the present market value among all the international football clubs.

Every year many new players are added to the list, and some are getting out of the list. This is the reason for 2022. There will be many more expensive football players that are in the list as the priciest football players.

Let’s take a glimpse of the new updated names of the top 5 most expensive football players of 2022.

5 Top Most Expensive Football Players Of 2022

European football clubs are spending billions of dollars on players. And this salary from the football clubs increases the value of football players. By seeing their value, you can quickly analyze their contributions along with the performances.

Here is the list of the five most expensive football players of 2022.

  1. Kylian Mbappé – €160.00m.

Kylian Mbappé Lottin is a French origin footballer. Kylian Mbappe stats so far in his career is incredible. He played as a forward for the Ligue 1 club. He started his senior career with the Ligue 1 club Monaco. But we all know his name after he made his professional debut at the age of 16. Then he signed the player’s contract with Paris Saint-Germain. After this player agreement, he is becoming the second most expensive footballer on the earth. Not only that. He is now becoming the costliest teenager.

He got the prize of player of the year twice. They finished the Ligue with the top score. He was the consecutive high scorer for their successive seasons. Kylian Mbappé became the second-highest goal scorer of the club throughout its playing history.

Playing Position: Centre-Forward

Country Play For: France

Football Club: Paris Saint-Germain

  1. Erling Haaland – €150.00m.

Erling Haaland started his career with his hometown club Bryne in 2016. He spent two seasons with the club before signing the contract with the Austrian side Red Bull Salzburg.

He won two consecutive years of the Austrian Bundesliga title along with the Austrian Cup.

Haaland became the foremost teenage player who scored five consecutive UEFA Champions League matches as a high scorer. From December 2019, he successfully completed the transfer to Borussia Dortmund. Erling Haaland won the 2020 golden boy and Bundesliga Player of the Season award. For the whole season, he remains the highest scorer of the Champions League.

Playing Position: Centre-Forward

Country Play For: Norway

Football Club: Borussia Dortmund

  1. Vinicius Junior – €100.00m.

Vinicius Junior started his football playing career in 2006. That time he was playing in the position of left-back. He came from a low-income family, so he began to get financial aid from Flamengo. When Vinicius was nine years old, he attended the trial for Flamengo. The club is noted for his career potential. But he is such a promising talent from an early age.

In 2010 he passed his football test at Flamengo. Now he is playing for Real Madrid. And his playing jersey number is 20. Vinicius signed the player’s contract with Real Madrid in 2027.

Playing Position: Left Winger

Country Play For: Brazil

Football Club: Real Madrid

  1. Mohamed Salah – €100.00m.

Mohamed Salah started his football career with the youth team of the Egyptian club. First, we see him playing as the club’s senior team in the Egyptian Premier League. In 2012 he transferred to the Swiss football club. Salah started his senior career in 2010. After he signed the player’s contract with Liverpool, he became the most talented and expensive Egyptian player.

He won the title of best FIFA Men’s player in 2018 and 2021. He also holds the record for the most premier league scorer. In addition, Salah was named after the CAF’s most talented African footballer of the year. And he was also selected to play for the African cup in 2017.

Playing Position: Right Winger

Country Play For: Egypt

Football Club: Liverpool FC

  1. Harry Kane – €100.00m

Harry Kane is an English-born professional footballer. This London-born and raised footballer began his career at Tottenham. From the start of his professional life, he started his career as a striker. Now his name is counted among the world’s top few best strikers. He was the runner-up high goal scorer of the UEFA Champions League. He ended the season of 2020-21 as the top goal scorer.

He was promoted to the senior team at only the age of 16. Kane’s involvement in Tottenham is increasing. Especially after the new football coach came. Kane scored 31 goals in the English Premier League. And he was the second-highest goal scorer and young player of the year.

Playing Position: Centre-Forward

Country Play For: England

Football Club: Tottenham Hotspur


These five players are the most promising five players on the earth. And after seeing their credentials and salary, I think you already know all about their worth. But this is not enough. Most of these players are teenagers. So, we can expect more talent from each of these players. Hence every year, the expensive player’s lists keep changing. You do not have to wait for the year within a few months. So, we can see some of the new shining stars’ names are included in the list.

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