Juventus chairman Agnelli: The Premier League is already a Super League

Date: 28th April 2022 at 6:00pm
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Andrea Agnelli has lamented the revenue that English clubs earn and claimed that the English Premier League is already effectively a Super League.

The Juventus chairman was a part of a group that wanted to form a European Super League. However, that concept fell apart and he believes that the English have a monopoly in European football.

“I’m talking about governance,” Agnelli said at an event organised in Milan. “The format can be discussed; it is the governance that needs to be reviewed. The day before yesterday extraordinary match between Manchester City and Real Madrid. Yesterday Liverpool prevailed with a great attacking game.

“What we did not realise, if you look at the next cycles, at the results obtained by the other and the estimates that have been given to us, we have the Premier League that earns around €4.2 billion a year.

“UEFA itself has declared that €5.2 billion is expected from the next round of Champions League. We have two competitions that will generate €28 billion in reference cycles. This suggests how much space remains for Italy, Germany, France, and other countries that are unable to compete.

“The Premier League that earns at €4.2 billion a year will attract all the talent slowly because talent goes where it is best paid. We already have a Super League in fact. Now we risk having two English teams in the Champions League Final and perhaps a Premier League team in the Europa League.

“We will have a Premier League all year round and a Premier League from March-April onwards. This must make us reflect. It is a vertical polarisation that already exists.”


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