Why Obtaining Olivier Giroud was a Great Move for AC Milan

Date: 27th May 2022 at 2:47am
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It has often been said that a bit of “fresh blood” can make all of the difference in the world between a football club destined for anonymity and one which could talk away with a Champions League title. This was arguably one of the reasons why AC Milan had been keeping a close eye on the status of striker Olivier Giroud. However, some fans were concerned about his age as well as what he would be able to provide the team. It now seems as if these fears are somewhat unfounded when we consider his recent performance on the pitch. Let’s take a quick look at the reasons why obtaining Giroud could be the best thing that has happened to AC Milan for some time.

A Proven Track Record

Sports betting fans who keep up to date with the latest news will always employ sites such as Betfair; particularly when following recent transfers or other game-changing events. This is why they were understandably enthusiastic when Giroud became part of the AC Milan tradition. While some detractors might note his age, the fact of the matter is that his past prowess speaks for itself.

Giroud is perhaps best known for his ability to lead Chelsea to the 2018 World Cup and yet, this is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Known as one of the most talented strikers in modern times. he has consistently demonstrated an ability to prove naysayers wrong. This is particularly the case in regard to his flexibility on the pitch. In fact, he has played other positions such as second striker and even center-forward with relative ease. This is crucial from a strategic point of view, as it signifies that coaches can adapt to various offensive and defensive situations.

We then need to remember that Giroud is no stranger to pressure. Due in part to his sheer level of experience, this trait could very well provide his teammates with a more grounded perspective when the going gets tough.

All About Commitment

Anyone who wishes to place an educated bet with Betfair will analyze more than recent team statistics alone. It is also crucial to appreciate the talents of each individual player in relation to the club; especially when referring to a veteran such as Giroud. In fact, former coach Arsene Wegner admitted that Giroud gave 100 per cent when he played for FC Arsenal.

Any professional who puts his heart into a team will serve as an example to others; especially those with less experience. Although some may refer to him as “grandpa”, passion and age are certainly not correlated. Let’s also remember that other stars such as Messi are the same age as Giroud (35 years old).

We will nonetheless have to see what Olivier Giroud is able to bring onto the pitch and how he will fit in with AC Milan. Either way, fans can rest assured in the knowledge that he will give everything to the team for as long as he continues to play.


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