5 Disappointing Transfers that Just Ate Football Clubs’ Budgets

Date: 19th October 2022 at 7:05pm
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Nowadays, there’s nothing new about transferring an athlete from one FC to another. The price can even reach several hundred thousand if a player showed excellent results during the previous seasons. Not all clubs have the opportunity to often outbid talented players, so they carefully look at the candidates, but even in this case, the purchases are absolutely useless.

So, what are the most unsuccessful transfers we have seen recently?

Leroy Sane: From Manchester City to Bavaria

The German club bought the athlete for €45 million, but their hopes were not justified. He was healing an injury in Manchester City and then spent half a year on the bench, which disappointed his fans and made them think Sane deserved better. However, he still didn’t show any significant success in Bavaria, despite six goals scored.

The club management still believes in him and hopes for success in the future, supporting Leroy and providing him with additional adaptation time. Everybody still believes that the footballer has a great future and might become the new Ronaldo, but it takes time!

Emre Can: From Juventus to Borussia Dortmund

One of the top midfielders seems to have made a wrong choice when changing the legendary Liverpool for Juventus, where he didn’t show significant success, disappointing both football fans and betting and bet casino UK lovers. Even despite the failures, Juventus management called him a universal footballer with numerous skills, but it didn’t make Emre more successful on the field.

Subsequently, he left for Borussia Dortmund, where he is expected to show better performance in the future seasons. Football fans are now divided into two groups: the first thinks that his successes are still ahead since he’s only 28, while others state that he wouldn’t show better performance than when he was a Liverpool player.

Nathan Ake: From Bournemouth to Manchester City

Manchester desperately needed a new centre-back and Nathan Ake seemed to cope with this role perfectly. €45 million were spent on this purchase – and the athlete initially demonstrated impressive performance. However, an injury ruined all the plans and still remains on the bench even after a full recovery. Not the best investment, is it?

Many still think Nathan should consider transferring to another football club while he’s still valuable, but it seems that he still enjoys being a Manchester member.

Rhian Brewster: From Liverpool to Sheffield United

The talented footballer has shown significant success and impressive performance when playing in Liverpool, so the fans waited for similar achievements in Sheffield United. However, all the compliments to the football player seem to have backfired, and he became an absolute disappointment, bought for €26 million.

Of course, the club’s management is loyal to the players and tries to motivate and train them, but hardly anyone will tolerate the lack of performance for a long time.

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