Why Football is the Most Popular Sport to Bet on

Date: 28th December 2022 at 6:37am
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Football, the beautiful game has an illustrious history and is played in most countries in the world. It is especially popular in Europe, especially in Italy, England, France, Germany and Spain. In fact, these countries have the ‘Big 5 Leagues’ and arguably are the home of football with fans showing their emotions and passions at each and every match. This has led to a rise in new UK football bookmakers offering extensive offers and bonuses geared toward the football fan with Italian football proving popular.

Let’s take a look at why football attracts plenty of bookmaker action.

Football is an Emotional Game

Football brings out the best and worst of humanity with each and every game. Every emotion that a human can experience is experienced by players and fans during the ninety minutes of a match. Whether it is the euphoric joy of scoring a goal, to the anger at witnessing a professional foul, the game ignites passions that other sports do not.

It has been the scene of controversy and as more money has flooded into the sport, the game sees players using every tactic they can to get an advantage. Competition among teams is intense and although each league has its dominating clubs they tend to rise and fall. This makes each season interesting.

Betting Markets

Another factor that plays a big part in the beautiful game’s popularity among bettors is the range of markets. Online bookmakers have introduced clever handicaps and a range of bets that are easy to understand. Over/under a scoreline, for example, is particularly clever and easy to grasp. Creative markets that are easy for even the most inexperienced are a great way to introduce a new player to the world of betting.

Everyone Loves Football

Football with its army of fans is adored around the world. As such, having a good knowledge of Serie A and the star players gives you the knowledge to apply to your chosen bets. This is not necessarily the same as other sports such as tennis. Again, this makes football betting more accessible and understandable.

In Play or Live Streaming

In-play or live betting was tailor made for football. If you watched the 2022 World Cup Final you would have seen Argentina twice take the lead with the result at the end of extra time standing at 3-3. Argentina eventually winning on the biggest trophy in sport on penalties.

In-play bets are where a bookmaker will offer bets such as which team will score the next goal, and offer odds on different results. It makes the matches very exciting and it is always very satisfying to win an in-play bet.

During the World Cup Final, bookmakers were offering all kinds of in-play bets.

Most of all, football is in our blood. It is with us almost from birth to the grave and people travel all over the world to cheer on their team.

And this is why people bet on football. It beats in our soul, has a great range of markets, and makes matches even more exciting.

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