Are Napoli Ready to Win the Serie A for the First Time Since Maradona?

Date: 7th January 2023 at 12:10pm
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With Serie A currently ongoing, teams have played 15 matches. Napoli stands at the top of the board with 13 wins and two draws. With these stats, it’s finally time to ask if Napoli is ready to win Serie A once more.

Napoli – Who Are They

S.S.C. Napoli is a soccer club from Italy based in Naples. The club has a record of two Serie A wins, the most recent being the 1989/1990 league. Initially formed in 1926 under a slightly different name, Associazione Calcio Napoli, the club participated in many different leagues of Italian soccer before Serie A.

Star Players

While the team certainly isn’t the same as when they began, if recent years are anything to go by, they’ve got a good set of players. One of the star players of the current team is Juan Guilherme Nunes Jesus, a defender with promising talent.

Performance History

Napoli has participated in several leagues and cups, excluding the Serie A. They’ve won the Coppa Italia cup six times, with their most recent victory in the 2019/2020 cup. Perhaps one of their largest cup wins is the 1988 to 1989 UEFA Cup, one of the most prestigious cups in European soccer.

What are the Odds of Winning?

If you’re looking for futuristic insight, even the best betting guides online may not be able to give you the exact results. However, we’re willing to take a shot and put our estimate on the odds of Napoli winning this Serie A league.

With 13 wins and two draws, almost half of the 38 matches for the season have been played. Currently, the club holds the leading position by three wins to AC Milan at, a total of ten wins so far this season. With an 11-match win streak, things are looking promising.

Napoli has a point lead of 41 to AC Milan with 33 and Juventus with 31 points. As we go down the rankings, we see the point difference between teams isn’t as great as Napoli’s. If Napoli keeps this trend in the new year, a victory may again be in their grasp after more than 30 years.

Looking at the Top Three and Their Stats

Napoli has already won once against the second-in-running team, AC Milan. The match played out with a victory of 2 to 1. However, they’ve yet to go up against the third-place team, Juventus, with nine wins, four draws, and two losses.

AC Milan is currently the club’s strongest opposition; however, Napoli seems to be able to maintain a higher goal difference between their matches, with a difference of 25 compared to AC Milan’s 14.

Recent Matches

In recent matches, Napoli claimed victory against Udinese, Empoli, and Atalanta. These matches finished with scores of 3 – 2, 2- 0, and 2-1 in Napoli’s favor. Atalanta and Udinese are currently in the top eight teams, with Empoli ranking 13th.

Napoli is slowly building a goal advantage that may be unconquerable; however, this scoring alone won’t determine their victory. With over half of the matches in the league still unplayed, a lot can change before the Serie A ends.

Who’s Left to Win the Serie A?

While AC Milan may hold second place, Juventus is quickly climbing with a win-streak of six matches. This placing stands with the slight difference in points between the two teams. Juventus may soon claim more than the two-point difference and over-take AC Milan for second place in the Serie A rankings.

Time Will Tell

While 13 wins may not be the best indicator, it’s already two-thirds of the matches total. Other teams seem to be hot on their trail, but the odds for a Napoli victory appear favorable, especially with the 8-point lead they currently hold.

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