Players Bettors Should Look Out for in Serie A 2023/2024

Date: 10th August 2023 at 11:04am
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Serie A is one of the oldest leagues in football being established in 1898. It’s among the top 5 European Leagues which features some amazing clubs and players in Europe.

With the 2023/2024 season soon upon us, it’s important to know which clubs have a decent shot at winning the Coppa Campioni d’Italia. Not just for the fans, punters are also eager to learn about the top teams and players to help them place wagers. Let us take a look.

Serie A Clubs to Watch Out for in 2023/2024 Season

We’re going to show you a list of promising players to consider if you’re serious about placing a bet on them. But before we do that, we think it’s best if we start talking about last year’s clubs. While there’s no guarantee on how they will perform, you still get a good idea.

For last year’s champions, it’s not the first time they’ve defeated all the other teams to take the cup. The 2022/23 Serie A championship marks their third time as winners. They’re a serious contender this season as well.

Napoli had to defeat Lazio in the finals to finish as winners. But if you take a look at the points table, Lazio was far behind Napoli with only 74 points. They scored 60 goals throughout the last season. Although they’re finished 2ndi, you still can’t count them out.

Following them is Inter Milan. They have always been one of the powerhouse clubs in Italian football. In the previous season, they finished in third place. But if we have our facts right, Handanovi?’s team is gearing up to put up a stronger fight this season.

Players in Serie A 2023/2024

From our personal experience, betting based on players has a much better rate of success with bettors than wagering on clubs. That’s why here’s a list of the top-performing players from the last season in Serie A that you should consider this time around as well.

Rafael Leao (AC Milan)

There are very few players in Serie A that are as celebrated as Rafael Leao. His list of achievements is long which is to be expected given his talent with the ball on the field.

He is the second-most valued player this season standing at €90 million. Being just 24 years old, there are a lot of expectations for him. AC Milan’s decision of keeping him as the center forward is a signal to the other teams that the club is powering up.

If you take at his previous stats, he scored 15 goals in 35 Serie A appearances. Experts are hoping to see him score even more in the 23/24 Serie A season.

Ciro Immobile (Lazio)

Looking to stake your money on a top scorer? Then there’s no better alternative than the captain of Lazio, Ciro Immobile. He is the only player that has won four Series A top scorer crowns following the legend Gunnar Nordahl.

There are speculations against him as his performance on the national level is not the same as his club performance. He is one of the two players that has managed to score 21 goals in 26 matches. Now that’s a record that isn’t easy to make.

Immobile has been a regular at Lazio since 2016. And during his stay at the club, he has scored a whopping 144 league goals. Safe to say, if you’re willing to bet it all on a player with a high scoring rate, then Ciro Immobile is the perfect candidate.

Dusan Vlahovic (Juventus)

Bettors looking for an up-and-coming superstar can place their faith in Vlahovic as he rocks the signature black and white of Juventus. After his transfer, many doubted the decision from Juventus. But he soon proved everyone wrong as he’s on the road to securing his position as one of Europe’s best forwards.

He has the same number of goals as Immobile with 21 goals. What’s more, is that in his debut Champions League match it only took him 33 seconds to score a goal after he joined the field. His technique and finishing style have him pegged as one of the best players this season.

Theo Hernandez (AC Milan)

You can tell the player who’s an integral part of the club when his signature play is how fans associate the club’s playstyle. We’re talking about Theo Hernandez and his plays from the left back pierce through the opponent’s wall of defense.

This same playstyle is still used by AC Milan as the club has scored 10 goals this past season. Four of these goals came from Hernandez himself. He’s also leveled up his defense, so any club going up against them needs to start thinking twice.

Victor Osimhen (Napoli)

Oshimen might have had a rough 22/23 Serie A season. But now that he’s recovered, we’re eagerly waiting to see what this 23-year-old has in store.

Since rejoining the club following his recovery, Oshimen has scored in six of the seven games. Now that’s how a striker should play.

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As for which events you should have your eyes peeled for, we would start with the Matchday 1 games. There are a total of 10 games that are scheduled to be held on the first day. Here are the top five matches

  1. Frosinone vs Napoli
  2. Udinese vs Juventus
  3. Inter Milan vs Monza
  4. Lecce vs Lazio
  5. Bologna vs AC Milan

Finishing Up

Serie A has a rich and long history in the Italian football scene. It’s also one of the European leagues where punters wager a lot of money. If you’d like to be a part of the action, start researching today so that you can place perfect bets in time with 20Bet as your trusted bookmaker.

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