Allegri Speaks On Pogba’s Disputed Ban

Date: 2nd March 2024 at 10:20pm
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With news that Juventus and French international midfielder, Paul Pogba, was now to be banned for a period of four years following a positive A, and B, drug test that found elevated levels of testosterone his body, the 30 year old naturally has spoken about how he feels ‘sad, shocked and heartbroken’ by the decision taken by Italy’s national anti-doping tribunal.

Pogba insists that the verdict was ‘incorrect’ and that he would ‘never knowingly or deliberately’ use a substance, or medication that would be professionally considered doping, and in announcing his appeal he insisted that when he was free of ‘legal restrictions’ he felt his story would ‘become clear’ for everyone in the wider world of football.

“Everything I have built in my professional career has been taken away from me. As a professional athlete I would never do anything to enhance my performance by using banned substances and have never disrespected or cheated fellow athletes and supporters of any of the teams I have played for, or against.”

More cynical fans will wonder about ‘disrespect’ given how easily he can fold under pressure of a challenge, yet be perfectly fine once the decision goes in his favour, but sadly that is the modern game though. That jibe aside, it cannot be denied that a four year ban is incredibly harsh on a player who has achieved so much in the game, is undoubtedly in his peak and would be looking for more success until he thinks about what the future might hold for him.

It is a view echoed by The Old Lady’s gaffer, Massimiliano Allegri, as he has now reacted to the developments and pointed out that the world of ‘football is losing an extraordinary player’ and whilst he acknowledges that many would expect these kinds of comments to come from him as a manager of the club, he also wanted to put on record his personal feelings that exist for the player outside of the game.

“It’s very sad both on a human level and for football. We are losing an extraordinary player. I was lucky enough to work with him, coach him, and it’s very difficult to find players like him…he’s a fantastic guy.”

With an appeal procedure under way, and Pogba insisting he has not willingly, or knowingly, done anything wrong here – and educated guess says that this story is far from being over yet.

Until then, Juve will have to continue to learn how to cope without him.


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