Liverpool make last minute move for Jorginho

Date: 14th January 2014 at 8:01pm
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Jorginho Hellas VeronaLiverpool will reportedly make a move for Hellas Verona’s playmaker Jorginho, even though a deal between the player and Napoli is almost concluded.

The Partenopei have offered €10 million to the Mastini, while Jorginho will receive a five-year-contract with a salary that will rise from €800.000 to €1.3 m during those five years.

According to,  Liverpool will try to sign the Brazilian-born Italian before Napoli does as manager Brendan Rodgers sees the midfielder as an alternative to Reds captain, Steven Gerrard.

Jorginho has played 96 matches and scored 11 goals for Hellas Verona.


12 responses to “Liverpool make last minute move for Jorginho”

  1. Stan says:

    Why scout him for so long,and not enter negotiations !!! Liverpool’s negotiating skill leave a lot to be desired ;-( CHEAPSKATE OWNER who only wants B Class players…

  2. Patrick says:

    Stan@ Most likely Liverpool don’t want Jorginho and never did. Liverpool are linked with nearly every player mostly just paper talk.

  3. AllMightyRed says:

    We only need to glance in a players direction & the papers go mad with transfer gossip!! What’s worse is the arm chair supporters who believe the reports & start venting their frustrations when there’s no movement from the club!! Clearly we’re keeping an eye on lots of players progress (particularly the young ones) but that doesn’t mean we’ll sign them now (if at all) & it certainly doesn’t warrant criticism! If we didn’t know about these players i could understand but we seem to identify the talented players before most other clubs, something we supporters should be happy about. Also there’s plenty of time to make a January signing so hold ya horses & lets see what happens!

  4. Rock says:

    He is a good player. 11 goal in 96 games poor, (should forget him

  5. superviz says:

    I think bredan Rodgers is mad for not making any transfer than to be involving I’m small team player that can never help such as Iago as pas, Luis Alberto. etc

  6. Jas says:

    We will NOT be making any significant signings in this window.

    Remember: You Read It Here First.

  7. peter says:

    ALMIGHTY REDS i vent my frustrations at the club purely the fact is , im sure our manager knows what players he wants to bring in and the scouting team are helping him in that department , but why not do it sooner get the players you want in place talk to their respective clubs as the window opens and get things done , get these players on the training field get them to know what the manager requires ,make a statement as a club that we are not just here to make the numbers up in the title race ,lets make a statement we can actually have a crack at the title , because with a few quality editions we could actually do it ,our football this year has shown it , we are capable enough this year to win it , all the big teams have to come to anfield yet except the mancs, squad depth is the only reason why we have dropped a bit of the top of the table , so thats why we need quality signings early i feel its a statement of intent ,and i aint happy that we are identifying talent then other teams end up with that talent in their squads , liverpool have always indentified talent specially in their glory days ,and when they did they got it , purely comes down too , we need to strengthen because if the title becomes out of our reach 4th spot might as well , and if we miss out on the champions league its just another year of a club like liverpool still hiding in the shadows , well i dont about you im sick of us in them shadows ,this year is the year that we have to make champions league if we dont we will just be playing catch up to other clubs , because i guarantee next year the likes of man united will spend ,liverpool should be challenging for titles it has been way too long for them not too , its time we made a statement of intent ynwa

  8. We don want such unvariable player @ anfield.cos we already ve flop player in anfield,the likes of Iago aspas,kolo toure etc.
    Give us players dat ll booster d club moral.

  9. Redeoin says:

    Don’t believe all the garbage in the press and on internet forums regarding who Liverpool are supposedly interested in signing. Any player with a pulse appears to be on our radar if they are to be believed. We were spoiled last season in the January window. We can’t expect to be able to sign players of a high calibre at this time of year. Very few of the best players move in the winter window.

  10. eugen datch says:

    I know b rogers is gud manager so fur because he bring back the belief we have for the past 4years dat liverpool are champs and not a team live in other team shadow,above al this its also tru dat b rongers made some mistakes since he came ,FIRST he sold players without imtent replacement forinstance he sold charlie adam,stewart downing,jonjo shevley,jay spearing dan pacheco and when you luk of this players u wil find out that the lack of depth mostly contributed by miss proper replacement, don’t forget others their on loan like assaidi,suso,borini and reina.SECOND~i know I’m not a manager but sometym BR doesn’t arrange a team we’ll a gud example is our game against hull city some player were fit but he doesn’t travel with them, THIRD~i got no disrecpect for gerand but liverpool luc better in midfielder with lucas,allan and henderson rogers should do like mornho for lampard bottom line of this BR prove a little bit luck of test for gud player forinstance he brought many player so fur but very few help team so fur.

  11. andy tee says:

    Eugene , i think you need to concentrate on your English mate !! or are you another ‘wanna be ganster ‘ But hopefully youve brought a smile to Brendan and the rest of the country ,God help us

  12. Herbie says:

    Eugen…Do something with your English, mate. It really is poor. Start with a dictionary, read more and make a note of spelling.