Lazio in ritiro after Verona loss, Moggi supportive

Date: 26th October 2021 at 3:59pm
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Lazio‘s humiliating 4-1 loss against Hellas Verona on Sunday prompted the side to go into ritiro, with players now temporarily living at the club’s facilities in order to focus solely on steadying their inconsistent form.

Maurizio Sarri’s side have been unable to find consistency this season, with shocking losses to Bologna and Verona following big wins over bitter rivals Roma and Serie A champions Inter, respectively.

As a consequence of the Verona loss, which Antonio Cassano said was the worst performance he had ever seen from a Sarri side, the Biancocelesti have now been ordered into ritiro, which Luciano Moggi believes is the right decision.

“Lazio are right to go into ritiro,” Moggi said in Libero. “Perhaps Sarri will be able to understand what he’s doing wrong.

“The 4-1 loss against Verona showed a trend of a team that are getting very mixed results, which Sarri evidently doesn’t understand, just as we feel when we see him leave Luis Alberto on the bench.

“It’s the right choice to go into ritiro, so Sarri and the players can reflect on the mistakes they’ve made so far this season.”


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